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From millionaires to criminals: the fate of the children of Hogwarts

The UN, the prison Director’s chair and prominent lips, which came up the actors who played the young wizards in the movies about Harry Potter.

Daniel Radcliffe — Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe — Harry Potter
The role of the Boy-who-lived brought Daniel Radcliffe more than $ 100 million and the ability to be guided solely by their own instinct when choosing projects. The actor literally grew up on the set of a major Hollywood franchise, but because at its end turned to the most diverse projects — from Broadway musicals and questionable horror to the series of stories by Bulgakov and the role of the very soul of the corpse. Occasionally, Radcliffe appears in designed for a mass audience projects like a sequel to “the Illusion of deception”. Daniel likes to say that he is interested in directing, and he does not die away right on set in front of the camera. Now 27-year-old actor can be seen on the stage of the London theatre The Old Vic in a production of “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead” by Tom Stoppard. Let me take you advice to take a look at good tv show about viability so download survivor episodes and watch it by yourself.

Emma Watson — Hermione Granger

Emma Watson — Hermione Granger
Like her character, Hermione, Watson has managed to be in time everywhere, except that wheel of time did not use. She received a prestigious education (becoming a headache for Universal studios because of the need to reckon with the study of the actress in the planning of the production schedule); became a goodwill Ambassador for the UN, launching the campaign against gender inequality; involved in supporting sustainable production of garments, in parallel with the same success doing a commercial of luxury brands and art in the films of Directors like Sofia Coppola. The logical continuation of a career — the main role of Belle in the new film adaptation of the fairy tale “beauty and the beast,” for which the actress had to learn to sing.

Rupert Grint — Ron Weasley

From the main trio Grint it first showed itself as a versatile actor. In 2006 he stood solo nearby with on-screen mom Weasley, Julie Walters in “driving Lessons”, then went into the lead first in “Cherry bomb” and later in “the Dangerous illusion”, not counting a few worthy projects. Fans were delighted with the joint advertising photo shoots Felton and Grinta. Those after filming has maintained friendly relations. Friends Grint and musician ed Sheeran. The actor starred in the video for the song “Lego House”. The preferred project of the former Weasley — series based on the movie “snatch”. Grint plays Charlie Cavendish Scott, a charming member of an aristocratic British family who loves to entertain. The first episode was aired along with the premiere of “Beauty and the beast” Watson, March 16.

Tom Felton — Draco Malfoy

Platinum blonde with spiky look in the “Harry Potter” in the life of a Felton — open guy with a good-natured smile. However, the role he continues to provide is more villainous: in “rise of the planet of the apes” he played a cruel guard Dodge Landon, in the TV series “Murder one” — a suspect in the murder of a Silicon valley Prodigy Erich blunt. In the third season of the TV series “the Flash,” he finally got ambiguous character, Julian albert.

Matthew Lewis — Neville Longbottom

The role of the clumsy but brave fat man Neville Longbottom became the hero of news, dramatically changing roles: after the filming of “Harry Potter” Lewis has become a muscular macho man. However, the changes did not bring in terms of career huge dividends. Playing soldier in a successful London theatrical production of “Our boys”, the actor continued with small roles on television, joining the cast of “Ripper Street,” and appeared in the melodrama “Until I met you” in the role of Patrick, the boyfriend of the main character, Louise. Soon, you can see it in the movie “the End” with Margot Robbie.

Sean Biggerstaff — Oliver Wood

Having the role of Oliver wood due to the peculiar patronage of Alan Rickman, Biggerstaff retired from the franchise after the second film (from “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban” his character cut due to restrictions of timing), to the disappointment of many. Sean continues to be removed (most often in his native Scotland) and plays in the theatre, and for her role in the film “By mutual consent” in 2007 he won the Scottish Academy of cinema and television for best actor.

James and Oliver Phelpsy — Fred and George Weasley

The Weasley twins continued acting career, and often they are removed together. For example, in the film Own Worst Enemy (“Your own worst enemy”) they got the role of twins-constables. However, their remarkable filmography can not be called. Movies Helpsome rarely left the territory of UK. The brothers, like many of their colleagues in Hogwarts, actively engaged in charity.

Bonnie Wright — Ginny Weasley

Wright, who played Ginny Weasley, quite early showed his interest to producing and directing, graduating from the London University of the arts the appropriate faculty and by putting four short films. In terms of acting ambitions, Wright is not so active. Her last known at the moment, the project is a new rendition of “the Christmas song”. But the actress, like her other classmates from Hogwarts, actively participates in fan events and conventions, and is actively engaged in Twitter, in favour of gender equality and even interviewing former colleagues in the area. For example, she spoke with Manoj Lynch about her new film for Interview magazine.

Evanna Lynch — Luna Lovegood

Irish Evanna Lynch has made the role of Luna’s Lovegood is not due to penetrating agents. The girl was an active fan of books about Harry Potter, wanted to play in the franchise and held an open casting for the role. Now Evanne continues her acting career. Her last film — Irish independent drama “my name is Emily.”

Jamie Waylett — Vincent Crabbe

Loyal henchman of Malfoy, Crabbe was clearly a guy with criminal tendencies, and Waylett, alas, was similar to your character. In 2009, he was caught growing marijuana in his mother’s house in London and went down for six months in a correctional facility for young offenders. In 2011, he was arrested again, but for participation in the London riots. Then it was not sent to jail, but in March 2012 he was sentenced to two years imprisonment for stealing.

Joshua Herdman — Gregory Goyle

Hoyle, another bodyguard, Malfoy, got a different destiny. After “Harry Potter” Herdman, the son of actor Martin Herdman, continued to appear, though rarely. And in 2016, began his career as a mixed martial arts fighter. In the next couple of years, you can see it in several paintings, the most notable of which is the new “Robin hood” with Taranom Egerton. However, apparently, Josh there is a very small role.

Alfred Enoch — Dean Thomas

The most notable project Anoka recent years has been the series “How to get away with murder”, where the actor played the main role of a law student caught in the middle of a criminal investigation. However, after the role of Dean Thomas Enoch without business did not sit. He studied Portuguese and Spanish at Oxford University, played in the theater in productions of Shakespeare and beyond. Finally, that Enoch was a bloody guard in the episode “Sign of three” series “Sherlock”.

Luke Enblad – Lee Jordan

Fans of the TV series “Classmates” learn Quidditch commentator Lee Jordan’s that guy that shouts “Pop! Pop!” and ridiculous throwing his hands up. Not the biggest role, but memorable and even duplicate over a dozen times in six seasons. Enblad also appeared in the Comedy musical “Galavant” and even boasts a solid music career. So, he sang the role of young Simba in the musical “the lion King” in London.

Jessie Cave — Lavender Brown

Lavender brown was not the most sympathetic character in books and movies, especially irritating fans of Ron their obsession to him thrust. Jessie cave as Enblad, found himself in the field of Comedy. It is in the genre of Comedy. And yet, the actress can be seen in “Pride.”

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