Spy TV series sinopsys

“Spy is a TV series in the center of which is a story about a man named Tim, who after a divorce with his wife can obtain custody of his son. However, it turns out that it is not so easy to raise a child alone. They cannot find common language, because Marcus considers his father to be a loser. There is nothing surprising, because he, despite his age, has long been working as a usual consultant in the computer store and there is absolutely nothing interesting in his life. In addition, it was the main reason why Tim and his wife separated.
For the years of living together she is completely disappointed in him and finds a more successful partner. Then one day, looking at life through the eyes of his son, Tim decides to try to change the attitude of Marcus to himself. He resigns from his old boring work and goes to the labor office to find more prestigious position. Taking into account the nature and possibilities of Tim, one could say with certainty that there will be nothing good from that. The fate turns out to be favorable to him and as a result of coincidence, Tim gets the opportunity to become an agent of the secret service of Her Majesty.

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