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If you are a TV addict person and are keen on series and shows, you have to use tv series blogs with direct download links, thus you can have your favorite tv shows at your tablet, mobile of PC. Such television series download sites usually have little or no ADS at all, are easy to use and have all the series you need.

The Mist TV series

The Mist is a TV series which tells about the events which are taking place in the morning, after a terrible stormy night when a small town of America turns out to be in a fog. At least, so the inhabitants of the city have been thinking. But after a few days of darkness it has not disappeared. She was born as a result of an incident with a secret project, which has been received by the Earth from creatures from another dimension. Although, the population find it enough having internal monsters. People are beginning to respond differently to what is happening. Some fall into hysteria and panic, see the apocalypse, others help the needy, and others still think only of their own salvation.


Legion is a TV series the plot of which is based on the comic book series. A guy named David is the son of the well-known Professor Charles Xavier. Most of his life the major hero had to live within the walls of mental hospitals, where doctors unsuccessfully tried to save him from the obsessive visions. And all this is due to the fact that Dave always distinguished few votes in his head, so the doctors tried to treat him as a schizophrenic. And so, one day, the hero realizes that he is a mutant and his different personalities have their own super powers.